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Ultralight-Combi Adjustable Folding Threshold Wheelchair Ramps


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Ultralight-Combi Adjustable Folding Threshold Wheelchair Ramps

Ultralight-Combi Adjustable Folding Threshold has low curbs and lengthy bevel sides largely increase clearance for scooters and power seats.

1. Used to bridge uneven levels
2. Wide channels
3. Up to an incredible 3m long
5. Compact
6. Easy solution for going up and over PVC thresholds
7. Great for handling cross-slopes
8. Lightweight
9. Product Dimensions (LxW): (From 212cm up to 300cm Long x 25cm Wide), (From 150cm up to 207cm Long x 19cm Wide), (From 152cm up to 210cm Long x 25cm Wide), (From 200cm up to 276cm Long x 19cm Wide)

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Dimensions: (From 150 cm up to 207 cm Long x 19 cm wide), (From 200 cm up to 276 cm Long x 19 cm wide), (From 152 cm up to 210 cm Long x 25 cm wide), (From 212 cm up to 300 cm Long x 25 cm wide)


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